Valve? Selenoid? Something else?

Overview of my system:
The worst. Parts of the system go back years, others new.
Rachio Gen 2
In the 4 years I have owned this house I have had to work on most stations, replace electrical and tunnel 6 feet under concrete. But I generally have a functional system that I improve every year by a little bit.
This summers issue-
Station One suffered a broken head in late May. I replaced it and it worked fine for a month.
Now, doesn’t matter whether I try and run One, or Two, only Two runs, never One. Electrical is no where near where I dug.
I opened the boxes in the yard for both stations- all wires are exposed and corroded. Cleaned the wires up, checked all circuits (all good) no change.
I don’t want to dig up valves in 105 ish heat. (But I will)
Disconected all wires at the controller AND at the valves. No change.Two runs when Oneor Twoare selected but never when other Stations are selected.
System is laid out seperatly from the others but controlled by the same Master. And,such that Two branches off the main before One, which is the end of the line.

Last year, a bad diaphragm would always be "Open"no matter the station but then I would have two stations on at once(One+ Five, Two+ Five, Four + Five) but not this time.

I can’t figure it out but I’mnot very good at this so I’m wondering if anyone here has a idea.

@molarface - manually activate the master valve and zone one using the bleed screw or solenoid which ever is used for that model of valve. Let’s check to make sure the line isn’t clogged between zone two and zone one. If no water comes out of zone one, then open zone two manually to make sure there is water coming to those valves.

Can you manually turn on this zone at the valve?

Are your valves buried? Not contained in a box of some sort? Ideally, you should have some way to get to them without digging, for testing, repairing, etc. Being able to activate valves without relying on power is a great troubleshooting tool. Also, since it’s AC, you can use a cheap non-contact voltage checker to check to see if a valve is getting activated.

Thanks all, I worked this week (I’m semi retired, work when someone needs help) so haven’t tried anything yet.
Yeah, there’s a box, and yeah, it’s buried. Don’t know the age of the valve but dirt has made it’s way into the box and packed tight around the box. I have attempted my best archeologist impersonation and exposed the top, and old Watermaster - I think an Orbit solenoid should work so I’ll try that first.

Most solenoids are interchangeable.