Valve monitoring. In app purchase?

I opened the Rachio app on my Android phone last night and saw there is a new feature for valve monitoring. I clicked the purchase button and it brought me to an in app purchase… Is this feature tied to my Rachio controller or my Google account? I have multiple Google accounts on my phone and (of course) Google/Rachio want’s me to purchase the add-on with the wrong account.

If I purchase valve monitoring, and open the Rachio app on my wife’s phone (another/different Google account), will the valve monitoring feature be available?

It is tied to the controller, so I wouldn’t think it should matter…

The purchase enables a download of new firmware to your Rachio controller. The feature is then available to turn on and off within the Rachio app. I’m not sure if this new feature is only limited to Gen 3 (versus both Gen 2 and 3).

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If you look at the first link in the following thread, Valve Monitoring - New Rachio Products - Rachio Community, you will find

Valve Monitoring will only be supported on Gen 3 (R3 and R3e) and higher Rachio controllers.

So, it looks like Gen 1 & 2 do not support Valve Monitoring

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I deleted my other post as I couldn’t find an edit. I thought I had a 2 but turns out it was a 3. I really thought I bought it before the 3 was out.