Valve for attaching directly to tap?

I’m looking for a fully enclosed valve to attach directly to a tap and wire into my rachio3.
I tried an Orbit 96120 which looked perfect on the surface, until it zone faulted and google taught me that it’s a DC/battery operated unit.

Are there there other products like this which I can use with the rachio?
I’m concerned with using a normal valve in an exposed location like that as most irrigation people I’ve asked said they won’t last long when exposed to the elements.

Please, that valve is an add on for their battery operated controllers. You would have had to cut the pigtail and wire it to 24V.

Wasn’t there some literature anywhere that gave you a clue to it’s appropriate use? That’s it for their battery operated controller? ( ex: Models #94013)

Your second paragraph has little merit and makes zero well

Professional Irrigation products are meant for the the elements.
Let’s see outside watering? Irrigation.

As well professional Irrigation customer service representatives would never say what you claim. “most irrigation people”.

To products;

Any 24 Volt Valve connected electrically to a Zone to Rachio then, with a Back flow presenter ie., Vac Breaker on hose bib and attach with appropriate hose to pipe thread fittings to valve.

Not sure why you have a Rachio Gen 3, you could have just gotten a Bee Hyve hose bib WiFi but if you have it for your ‘normal’ valves, and other Irrigated areas already then use a “normal valve”, and connect it normally.

You may be able to get a 24 volt solenoid for it . I know hunter offers that for its valves