Valve box flow meter install feedback


Yeah, definitely not the intent there. I’m surprised it hasn’t got water damage yet. :wink:

You might be on borrowed time :slight_smile:



Gotta agree with @franz here. A “good” signal will work forever. I think I’d spend my time, energy, and money putting in an inverted U or a sloping lift to pick that baby up out of the water.


Just wanted to share that this method fixed my problem for a weak signal losing connectivity in and underground box. I was regularly getting -11 or dropped signal. I picked up a thick gauge (non-insulated) copper wire at Home Depot, cut it to 13" and taped it across the face if the unit to the top left as illustrated above and after an hour or so my signal jumped to -4, -5 good. Has since not dropped. Just used blue tape. My case was extreme because it was just about 75’ away down a 6’ embankment and in a box. THRILLED I do not have to re-do and irrigation to expose it. No need to construct a “can-tenna”…