Value of "MV1" component on the Rachio Gen 2 circuit board?

Out of warranty so no options there. Power surge damaged the “MV1” component on my Rachio Gen 2 circuit board. Appears to be a surface mount varister. Can anyone tell me the value or device number of this component? I can quickly repair it with this information. Thanks!

@cr4west - the Rachio warranty period is TWO years I believe. I don’t think the Gen 2 has been out that long.

Why don’t you call Rachio support and make a warranty claim?

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Since I do not have any paperwork to show proof of sale i was under the impression there would be no warranty. I will call but will be surprised if they cover it based on my word alone.

@cr4west - I’m thinking you’ll be impressed with Rachio’s support. They would know when a serial number was manufactured.


Sorry to bump an old thread. I’d like this answered too. Mv1is corroded and I need to replace it. What is the value please? Is there a circuit diagram for this unit?

You need something like this (1210 47v varistor).

I would like to help you but can’t because I have recently sold my Rachid Gen 2.