VAC 24 has 4 wires

I noticed that my current Hunter X core has 4 wires in the 2 slots for VAC24 (looks like for the Rain sensor and 2 coming from behind the unit) How does this get hooked up in the Rachio? Should I slot all 4 into the 2 available?

Also the zones are in some cases 2 prongs to 1 slot (4 zones). Should I just place one in each on the rachio so it s 6 zones? Does it matter?

Thanks In advance!

The thick two yellow wires are the power coming into the device. Rachio uses a barrel plug for that.
The other two wires are the power going to the wireless rain sensor that also has the thin blue & white wires connected to sen Terminals.

Disregard the thick yellow wires, the thin wires would connect to the 24 + and - terminals on the rachio. The blue and white cables would connect to one of the sensor inputs and 24- terminal.

Alas there are two wires destined for 24v- terminal, if you are having issues fitting both in, you may need to use a peace of jumper wire and a wire nut to make everything fit.

The rest of the hookup should be straight forward.

PS yes, you can separate the double zones. They are together simply because the old controller is limited to 4 zones.

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Totally understood you!! Thanks so much!

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