V3 & WeatherFlow


Please and thank you!

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Would you please add me too. Thanks!

I have a Gen 1 controller so I’d like this on the PWSweather site.

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Very happy I can use the weatherflow data. Please add me and thanks in advance.
Rachio Gen 3

@BigFoot I’ll be happy to relay your data to pwsweather and/or CWOP networks, but this will not help you to use said data with Gen 3 Rachio controller (which uses WU network). Weatherflow has native WU support, which means you don’t need my help to use your data with Rachio. That being said new WU stations take about a week to show up as a choice on a Rachio map, so if you just created a WU station, and it’s getting updates, you will need to be patient for the station to pass the QC process.

Here (link) are instructions on how to get your data to WU network. If you still want your data on other networks, such as pwsweather, I’ll be happy to help. Pwsweather is mainly useful to people with older Gen 1 & 2 controllers, which do not use WU network.

@Gene You are the man. Can you add mine to PWSweather?? Thank you!!


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Had a Hub failure and had to recreate my station.

https://tempestwx.com/station/28127 is the new station.

https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KVAMIDLO142 still appears to work once I linked the new station to it.

Can you link PWS_Wx93160 to the new data?

Much appreciation.


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I was sent over here by the weatherflow community. Could you please add my station? I’d be so grateful!!!


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I found this in an exhaustive search… @Gene… can you still help, and add my weather station?


Thanks in advance!!!

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For those with weatherflow stations, as is often the case in this particular thread, please share the weatherflow station ID, rather then your WU station ID. I prefer to avoid WU when possible and can use weather flow data directly. Not a big deal, but helps me to avoid the step of cross-referencing your WU position with possible weatherflow stations.

Otherwise keep doing what you are doing. If you prefer you can always Private message me (link) the info in lieu of a public post.

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