V3 replaced, can't import settings

I just bought the Rachio V3. It was installed for about 2 weeks, then just died. We believe the power adapter got fried. Anyway, Rachio replaced the device, and I got it installed no problem.

In the app, I did not delete the old one yet as I read that I could just copy my settings over to the new controller.
When I was going through the setup for the replacement controller, I got to the part about transferring settings. I clicked the old device to transfer from, and then I get a solid white screen, blank, except for a blue banner across the bottom that reads “try again.” No matter how often I went back and tried that process, I got the same outcome.

Additionally, now that I have the new controller added in, I do not see any option at all to try to transfer the settings. I’ve gone through every page of settings that I can find and it’s not there. I would have to delete the device and add it again to be able to bring up that screen. Unless I’m missing it somewhere?

I am trying to avoid having to spend the time to redo all of the settings. I did send this through email to tech support 2 days ago but haven’t received a reply yet, and I forgot to call them yesterday. Does anyone have any suggestions? TIA

If anyone is curious, support finally got back to me and said you can’t transfer settings on a 4 zone unit.