V3 app bug with last run and next run?

Here’s a screenshot I took today (17 Jun)

You’ll see that it shows that the last watering was 15 Jun and the next is today 17 Jun. However, here is the summary page that sits above it:

Which is not the same! And I won’t bring up again the annoyance of seeing 0% moisture on the summary page which number appears nowhere on the drill down (although @Franz pointed out it is today’s correct figure if you exclude today’s planned watering)…!

The moisture chart updates in real time whenever changes are made. The schedule values may not since that is recalculated at 12 and 1 hours before a zone waters. It and the values you see can most likely be forced to update by say temporarily changing a benign schedule setting, e.g., toggling on and off Cycle and Soak (or off and on depending on your setting). After doing that I usually kill the app and relaunch just to make sure it is completely refreshed. I’ve read that addressing this sync behavior to be more in line with your (and my) expectations is on the bin list. I’ve had it say Not Yet Watered but an app reboot resolves that.Maybe that’ll do it. Either way, so long as it waters as expected and the mosture chart is accurate with logging your watering, you’ll be fine. Does the history match your expectations?

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The apprentice is now the master :wink: Damn you are good. @theflexdude and I want this to be more dynamic, hopefully in the near future. Sorry for any confusion.

Looks good now.



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