V 2.5.0 App hangs starting (on IOS 9.3.1)

I updated to the new version 2.5.0 of the app on my iPad running IOS 9.3.1 last night. When I try to use it this morning, it just hangs at the first screen with the circle pulsing. Luckily, I did NOT upgrade to the new version on my iPhone, and it still works.

Is this happening to anyone else?

I’m having our iOS team look into this for you. My hunch is it’s the new animation that we have already rewritten. We are doing some more testing and will more than likely get a new version out today or tomorrow. It seems to affect older phones.

For now, if you uninstall the app and re-install will probably work as a temporary fix.

Thanks for your patience.


I saw this issue too on my iPhone 5s after upgrading to 2.5. While it is pulsing, I went to different app and came back. After I came back, the app just disappeared. I had to relaunch again. Then it was able to show dash board fine.

We are expediting a build today (2.5.1) that will help with the issue some users are seeing. The animation is really expensive, but cool :wink: