Using to integrate Personal Weather Stations

PM’d you @Gene. THanks again and I assume I will need to disable my cronjob once you switch me over?

I’m not sure if this is related to some of the above issues.

But I’m trying to figure out why my rain data is making it to CWOP, but doesn’t appear to be making it into Rachio…image (
FW2156 shows rain data on 6/07, yet Rachio has no knowledge of it.

I apologize, it’s been a while since I last looked at this stuff, and I feel like I’m stumbling around in the dark as I try to re-figure it out.

I’m working on the fix, you are using my code which has issue recalculating rain into the right format. FindU supports rain data since midnight figure, which is what you are seeing on the website, but NOAA, and thus Rachio, only accept rain in the last 60 minutes and last 24 hour figures. Meaning that software has to track rain changes during each update and calculate those values as they are not available anywhere else.

Should be fixed soon

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Thanks Gene. Looking forward to it.

Fix is in place. Additional rain data should now be sent to CWOP. Let me know if you run into any further issues. :cheers:


Thanks Gene,

I’m hoping to see some rain this week and see it in action… Many thanks again.

So, again, thanks Gene, I’m definitely seeing rain data now… What I don’t understand, is that my station which has not seen rain in over 24 hours, and reports no rain in CWOP. When I look on Rachio it reports precipitation. Here is a snap of CWOP


Where is it getting .18 from?

Hi Chris, are you still seeing the 0.18 cm of rain on the 26th? Since this was an active day, I’m curious if forecast is still part of the data shown (as in rain today will be what rained + what may rain).

I appreciate your feedback on CWOP operation, so I appreciate you continuing to use that source. That said I’ve also created a pwsweather station to host your data PWS_Wx58565 (link), this would allow us to see how the Rachio interprets data directly from their data provider (who owns pwsweather) vs data flowing via NOAA (which is what happens to your CWOP station).


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Tried logging in to here is what I got.
Welcome to Weather FYI
New interface is being tested, alas the public setup is not available at this time
Please check back with us soon, or contact us at for an expedited assistance

soo much for using them in 5 minutes>??

yea, fell behind the schedule. In case someone is willing to help with front-end development. I appreciate the assistance.

Old way of settting up a station is still up and running, just not explicitly spelled out. Here is the link to the thread where it is discussed (link).

Meanwhile I can help with the setup in case you simply mention what station you wish to setup. :cheers:

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Hey Gene, looks like your site is still down for public input. Could you add the following WU station?


Once added, I will still have to setup the Cron job, correct? I didn’t want to sift through a bunch of posts to find out if things have changed since '17

Thanks in advance!

@Murdock03 Done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx45815.

Primary change is that a separate cron-job is no longer needed, you are all set.
I’ll see about adding a temporary interface to setup your own sync.

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Thank you sir :beers:

Hi Gene - I’m not sure if this forum is locked/dead, because it’s been a while since the last post. But I have a new station that is across the street from me and closer. I see your site is still down…could you add this WU Station?


Thanks in advance sir!