Using to integrate Personal Weather Stations

Right now your data is being transferred via wunderground, so if that upload is down, so is the rest of the system. I’ll be more than happy to setup data to be aquired directly from AcuRite. Just PM or email (to me your AcuRite hub ID / MAC address and I’ll take care of the rest.

@franz. My PWS not showing within rachio after the update.

Thank you Franz, can you please provide an update. This is very important to me as i have an Acurite contributing to WU but can’t go to PWS without extraneous effort. I live 13 miles from closest NOAA weather center but near many WU stations. Just today i got <0.1 inches of rain whereas the NOAA got almost 4 inches due to scattered storms.

Knowing this cloud intelligence is in Gen3, means it should be no problem implementing in the cloud for Gen 2 and I really hope this has been considered to show you care about your existing userbase as @robnielsen alluded to.

I purchased and installed my Gen2 only about 2 to 3 months before the announcement of the Gen3, so of course my return policy was a moot point, so i definitely hope to see continued enhancements to previous generation controllers.

Thank you.

For now @Gene and his amazing tool is the best option.



Hey guys,

anyone having issues in the last week or so with this? My Cron-Jobs are failing constantly. I can’t figure out why. I’ve tried lowering the refresh rate from 5 minutes to 15 minutes but doesn’t seem to be helping.

I’ve sent you a PM.

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Thanks for the help Gene. All fixed guys!


Very Good Gene but I do not see wind Gust on the PWSweather…Any plans to fix that ???

@vmavrommatis Can you please post or PM (link) the station you are talking about, the one without gust data?

the WU update is ok , the pwsweather has the problem please check below link

Seems you’ve setup your transfer to use as a data source, not wunderground. Problem with acurite is that they do not provide gust data by default, only 5 and 15 minute averages.

If you would like, we can setup wu as a source for your data, which will provide the gust data, but this will have no effect on the Rachio calculations as they do not use gust data, as far as I know.

Just an FYI, we do not use wind gusts from personal weather stations. We use hourly forecasted wind for weather intelligence.



Gene, franz thank you very much !! Everything worked fine with the [] and the []. Great Support !!


@Gene - sorry for waking this thread up, but it appears related to a problem I’ve been having for a few days. I’ve a Rachio 2 which I want to set to use rain data from my WeatherFlow station. This has been working for some time, but starting several days ago my data is not showing up on my PWS station. The WeatherFlow data is making it to my WU station (KCODENVE481) and my wufyi cron jobs appear to be running correctly most of the time but the data is not showing up in my PWS station (MAYFAIRWF1).

This started late on Saturday 5/18 and except for a 6hr period om Mon AM 5/20 no data has loaded to PWS. Any thoughts you have would be welcome. Thanks

having the same issue

Yes, I’m aware that there are issues with WU support on, working on the fix now.
@davelr I was able to pull up your info based on what you’ve shared. Set your sync to use a workaround so you should see updates resuming.

@Smarks, and everyone else effected, if you need immediate assistance I recommend emailing me your full url to, otherwise you can wait a little longer for the workaround to go live to everyone who is currently using a cron-job method.

Overall, I’ll be frank, I am not sure how much longer WU support will work. If you own a device, such as WeatherFlow, AcuRite, etc., which sends data to at least one additional source in addition to WU, we can continue updates using alternative sources, otherwise it was nice while it lasted.

@gene, thanks much for the patch, values are updating now. If you could suggest alternatives to WU, I’d volunteer to reach out to WeatherFlow to see if they can accommodate. Thanks again

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I’m already testing support for weather flow, just don’t have a setup page yet ready for a general public.
Only thing needed is for you to share your data from within weatherflow, like this (link), and send me the link (and pwsweather info if you have it) to I can take care of everything else.

In the near future, setup should get much easier as I’m working on the new interface as we speak.

You can PM (link) me your info in case you prefer to avoid emails.



@Gene I looked at MyAcurite and it appears to only allow me to share weather with WU. What where you saying about sharing data with at least another source and using a different method of getting data to

AcuRIte does not yet, by itself, support pwsweather directly. You would still need to use, but instead of wufyi getting data from weather underground, it can acquire data from AcuRite instead.

@Smarks, I already have your pwsweather info, simply PM (link) me your Access hub’s mac address (AcuRite calls it ID) and I can switch over your setup from WU to AcuRite.

P.S. All those effected by the WU changes should now see their data updating again. In case you’ve used a cron-job, please double check that it is not disabled.

Thank you,