Using rachio on a whitelisted internet connection

I have internet through work and have to request each site I would like access to from the admin. On the computer this is no big deal since I browse to the site and request it to be opened. I have access to and the underlying websites. However as for the controller I have no way of ascertaining which sites it accesses. Is there a way I can obtain a list of the sites so I can have them unblocked?


I believe this should help. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


I dont really understand what the article says but I can forward it to the admin. I just want to make sure I was clear on the problem though I can only connect so a website if I specifically request it. Even something as basic as will only work if I request that it be allowed. Are you saying that the only websited that need accessing are or and some ports need to be opened?

Also thanks;)

Ah OK. Yes should be the only site you need to have them open. I would also make sure they allow port 444 for that site to access (we are changing it to the more standard port 443 soon).