Using Rachio in Europe?

I have questions for users in Europe and especially in France?

Does the weather intelligence work well in Europe/France, does it have accurate local weather data for the daily schedule mode?

Is it compatible with the sprinkler valves sold there?

Thank you

As of about a month ago, it can now calculate the watering needed for zones for anywhere worldwide. Up to last month, it was US and Canada only.

Ideally, you should then point the controller at you closest Weather Underground weather station, which makes for very accurate watering using the Flex Daily schedule.

I think that the universal standard for watering valve solenoids is 24vac (NOT DC). The PSU is also a 24vac PSU, and you will need to buy one. You will find a link for buying one in Spain in another thread.

I have been running a 16 zone unit in South East Spain for the past 18 months, and it is fantastic. However, you need to do the groundwork, and measure your zones and calculate the nozzle cm per hour for each zone to get perfect results.

Thank you for confirming,
I already own a Rachio in the US connected to my personal weather station, so I am familiar with the unit itself.
I was wondering if the weather data was also accurate in France.

For the french power supply I found this one
Chargeur secteur non régulé entrée ca sortie CA 24V CA 1A (

So yes, as of a month or so ago, the weather data internationally is recognized and accurate

@championc is there a way to see what weather data Rachio is using in a specific European country/region ?

Thaks again

Do you mean for the crop co-efficient - then No. If you mean for weather, I would not use the Weather Network. I think you are far better off using a local Weather Station.

Have I answered what you meant ?

My question was about weather intelligence.
Ultimately, I plan to have a local weather station, but in the meantime, you said the international weather data was recognized and accurate, and I was wondering if you know what weather data is being used, and if we have a way to look at it (weather site…) to verify how accurate it is.

Ok, so the main proof was the way in which it can calculate the runtimes for a zone if using Daily Flex. It didn’t have the weather previously, so it could never calculate a runtime.

Secondly, I think the default Crop Co-efficient was previously 65%. So if you select Dynamic, it will likely give you something different, and if you are in a warm or hot area, expect something in the 70’s.

They found a bug in matching up locations to crop figures, but I certainly don’t know the source of their data