Using master valve to control bypass on Culligan HE water softener

Hello All!

I just got a new Culligan HE water softener - and it is a whole house unit - and I have some of my sprinklers feeding off of it. Therefore - when I run those sprinklers I need the water softener to go into bypass mode. There is a board in the unit that simply works off of a timer, and feeds 5v constantly to the AuxIn on the board - and when the time to bypass is hit, it stops sending voltage, which triggers the bypass.

I would love to have the bypass only on while the rachio is watering… In my mind - I can hook up a 5v power supply and have a relay that is normally closed (NC) controlled by the master pump 24VAC line that would then break the 5v connection (dropping voltage to zero). It would be simpler if I could have the rachio always send voltage down that line and go to zero once it’s active - that way I would just need a voltage converter that goes from 24VAC to 5VDC.

Has anyone done this? I would love to hear what you did, and if my idea is too complicated.



I thought of another potentially simpler way.

I have a wink system setup - and I can have a robot in wink trigger an outlet “off” that is supplying 5v to AuxIn when Rachio starts - BUT - it seems like Wink isn’t getting any rachio state changes - I have opened a ticket with them.

Then I thought - hey, I can use IFTTT - but, it doesn’t seem like I can trigger off of just “rachio starts watering” or “stops watering” - instead the trigger is “watering time” - therefore, manual run’s aren’t triggering it?