Using manual station run, other zones come on

So when I use the manual single zone run time option I get other zones that come on along with the zone I’ve selected. This is not always the same zone, neither the one I select to come on or the phantom zone that follows, it’s hit and miss so no figuring out 1 and 7 or 3 and 9, etc. Please help. I’ve had 2 service calls and neither tech has said they diagnosed the problem - just suggest it “could have been a glitch” because it’s intermittent and won’t seem to happen when I’m paying by the hour. It’ll be heating up soon enough and I’d like to not water unintentionally sigh…
thanks in advance for your time and knowledge.

Does the second zone water at the SAME time as the intentional zone, or after?

It comes on at the same time

It comes on at the same time.

Typically when this happens, it is a wiring issue. Can you confirm all your wires are connected correctly and securely at the Rachio controller, and make sure there are no frayed wires inside the valve box, and the wire nuts for the commons are secure.

I will run that info down

No loose wires that I could locate

Maybe @Linn, @Gene or @Kubisuro have some ideas on how to troubleshoot this. I still have a feeling it is a wiring issue, most likely with the common wire. Not saying that there couldn’t be an issue with the Rachio, but I’m leaning more towards wiring.

@dendoodledee do you have a master valve in your system? If you are not sure, you can take a photo of your terminals on the Rachio controller, anything hooked up to the M terminal?

If you do have a master valve, than it sounds like there may be dirt and debris within the diaphragm of the valves which turn on by themselves. There are many videos on youtube (link) as to how many types of valves may be cleaned and maintained. Often issues arise when the system is winterized, but remain undiscovered until it’s time to turn everything back on.

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I do have a master valve and some work was done around it last fall when the supply line to the house was replaced. I bet it got dirt in it during the process. I’m checking out youtube. Thanks, will let you know.
I appreciate everyone.

Master valve itself is likely working, the fault is primarily downstream at the zone valves. You may wish to clean the master valve as well, but had it not been working than faulty zones would never turn off.