Using a pws and manual override weather forecast


Hi, as a newby i just installed my Gen3 without any problems (in Europe). First impression is great, my expectations were high after reading this very active community for a while, but so far at the least they were met. Very pleased with my ‘buy on a distance’ cnoice.

I have two questions.
. When using a PWS, which is at a quarter mile away, do the schedules still benefit from the weather intelligence hyper local prediction capabilities?
As i assume a pws has no prediction functionality.
. When activating a daily flex schedule manually it does not run. The same zone via a fixed schedule runs OK. Can this be caused by the reason that it rained quite a lot yesterday? I would expect that manual activation overrules this.

On with further playing around. Just activatied my first ifttt applet (saving to an excel when schedule runs).
I also discovered an defect sprinkler while testing it during installation. Not noticed so far as they run at night.

Thanks for any help, Geert


@Geho - the Weather Intelligence forecast is based on Weather Underground (WU)/IBM data. The local PWS is utilized for precipitation values - adding to available water and rain skip.


Can you explain a bit more what is happening?



While playing with my settings for the schedules, i have two schedules on zone 2 (one active at a time). The one with fixed schedule works fine when running manually. The schedule configured as flex daily, on the same group, does not start when running manually.
This concerns the schedules ‘gazon boomgaard’ which is the fixed schedule, and ‘gazon boomgaard simulatie flex daily’.

Appreciate very much the prompt reaction!!

Regards, Geert


So you tap Quick Run on the flex daily schedule and it does not run?



That is correct. Can it be that it is not possible to have two schedules running on the same zone?


You can definitely have more than one schedule for the same zone. I just had part of my yard torn up for them to lay more cable in my neighborhood. They reseeded, which was nice. So after they reseeded I have one zone that is in 4 different schedules: My Flex Daily lawn, a fixed schedule at 8:30 am, a fixed schedule at 12:30pm and a fixed schedule at 4:30pm (each of the fixed are for just 2 minutes for the overseeding). It works great, and the lawn that they tore up is starting to fill back in.


Can I have the engineering team try to reproduce that behavior on your account?



Sure, feel free to use my data en settings. i am new with my gen3 so i do not exclude the possibility of faults on my side.
This zone can be tried without problems at any time, certainly considering our time differences (europe).
Thanks for the effort!


@linn: thanks for your confirmation, could indeed not imagine this great unit would be unable to do so.
The rachio team looks into it, so all the confidence they will find what causes this behaviour.



I was able to quick run the simulated zone 2 schedule. Do you not see the same behavior?



Hi, it works! And i discovered my newby mistake what causes this. Reason is that i made an extra zone 5 (with no sprinkler connected) to simulate in parallel two schedules, one fixed (as advised in the first few weeks) and one flex.
I did press manual activation on the zone screen, not on the schedule screen. Stupid and apologies!!
Solved and hope i did not cause too much research effort. But my already positive opinion of the service and commitment of the rachio team had been confirmed.

Regards, Geert