Using a Monro smart box

Hi guys!
I’m using a monro smart box to protect my pump for my sprinkler system.

The smart box acts as a relay to turn the pump on from the Rachio.

I plugged in the 24v + and - and immediately my pump started running! Not when I turned the Rachio on to run a zone.

Obviously I only want the pump running when a zone is scheduled.

Any suggestions?

Hi and thanks for your question.

I see a possible error in your statement about the 24V. You stated a + and - which is a DC voltage statement. The Rachio will only send an AC voltage output. This may only be a minor misconception but understood.

Secondly, you may have a pressure switch on your pump which may be calling for the pump to come on during a lower pressure situation.

I would double check and make sure the controller is off when connecting it to the relay. Then test it with the master valve output to see if it works only from the desire output at the appropriate time.

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@Aridecommando - I think one lead should be on the Rachio M terminal (Master Valve/Pump Start Relay) and the other lead on a C(ommon) terminal.

I believe all the terminals on the Rachio, even the ones labeled 24 V + (think power) and - (think neutral) put out AC not DC.

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