Using a Gen 2 with a LTE hotspot for rental properties

I have been a Rachio user for several years and currently have a gen 1 in my home. I have several rental properties where my tenants are not as fastidious about watering as I would be and as a result, my grass is dying, and I am getting fined by the HOA.

I am thinking about investing in Gen2 devices and using Freedompop LTE hotspots, one for each house. I’m currently testing a hotspot with my own gen 1 and things seem to work as they should.

I’d like to put all of this in a box: The Rachio, the hotspot, and a power outlet to support both devices. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good lockable box I could use and mount indoors in a garage area? Has anyone tried a solution like this and had it work successfully?

My irrigation company (I must fix several nozzles) wants to quote me a Weathermatic smartlink system for each home but I really like my Rachio. If Rachio is coming up with an all in one LTE solution I’m your tester, but in the meantime, I’m looking for boxes and advice.

I was a proponent use of the Weathermatic for many years. My customers would love how it had it’s own onsite weather station but requires a heft subscription price if you wanted to interface it with your computer, tablet or smart devices.

A flow meter was never an option.

After the introduction of the Rachio devices into the market, many of my Weathermatic customers were now wanting to switch since it had just as good, if not better control over the irrigation of their landscapes.

Being able to see your statistics as well as where the zones are located, is a plus for the Rachio.

The Weathermatic, as with the Rachio, requires a 2 week verification of it’s ability to auto adjust. After that, it is a “Set it and forget it” type of controller.

Regardless of your choice, any automatic sprinkler controller is just like a cruise control on your car. Set it where you want it and remember that someone needs to hold on to the wheel. In this case, keep an eye on your landscape.

Just remember: The weathermatic will give you fault alerts only if a valve goes out completely and has a self test mode. The Rachio 3 with the wireless flow meter will let you know when your nozzles are getting progressively clogged, if a nozzle is missing, if a valve is not opening all the way (from wear and tear) or if a valve or valve wire has failed.

Your dear sprinkler technician will not know if there is something wrong with your system until you call him if you have the Weathermatic. On the other hand, I am able to call my customers about problems if I notice the fault alerts before they do since I get the alerts shared with me from the Rachio system.

The Rachio smart controller is not just a smart controller in general but it is also a better diagnostics tool which makes for a smarter technician, smarter end user of the product and a smarter effort on water conservation without the sacrifice of your beautiful landscape.

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