Using a 24vdc supply


Im based in South africa. We have readily availible 24vdc supplies. Can i supply the unit with 24vdc vs 24vac?

The input is 220vac.


Alas, no.

Rachio hardware is only able to turn off the zones upon the zero crossing, meaning that with a DC supply, your zones will never turn off…

You could look into a 220 to 110 V converter, but frankly majority of them are not designed for continuous use so I would recommend that you take the time to find a suitable supply.

The key would be to search for the right keywords: “24vac 24va” is what I recommend you try. Here is an example (link) from a UK amazon listing, be careful not to go too high over 1 amp / 1000 mAmp transformer rating, often times the voltage rating is specified at close to the maximum ouput and voltage may drift much higher than 24 VAC at low / idle output levels.

Good luck,

P.S. Be on the lookout for funky math listings, such as another UK listing here (link), description rightfully shows 48VA (24VAC * 2 Amps = 48 VA), but the title incorrectly lists it as 24VA product.

P.P.S. Let us know which ever supply you will end up using

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Thanks. I landed up buying a 220vac to 24vac supply here…

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