Used Rachio 3 from Amazon with no serial number

Just purchased a “used” Rachio 3 from Amazon… The box and unit both have serial numbers peeled off… Is there any way to make this work, or is the unit essentially a brick?

If the unit is tied to the original owner, you would need the serial number in order to have it reset by Rachio. Otherwise, I’m not sure of another reason you would NEED it. You could try to fire it up and connect, and if it is tied to another account, you are pretty much screwed.

Seems odd though. Guessing this is one of the Amazon Warehouse deals or whatever that sales are final? Wonder if you could argue a return or exchange.

Well I don’t see how I can connect to it without knowing the serial number, since it is the first question when linking it to my app? Or is there a workaround to link it to the app?

Amazon will take it back, that’s not a problem… Just trying to see if I really need to return it.

Is there not a scannable QR code? It has been a long time since I have set up a new Rachio, but I don’t remember needing the SN on the R3 unit.