Use rain forecast to cut timing of a program

Would be great if there was an option to cut a program in half if it rains but not enough to trigger a rain delay. For instance, I have my rain delay set at the default of 1/8". Would be great to cut a run in half if the forecast was for 0.1" of rain for instance instead of running the full program.

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Love it @slevine10. What schedule type are you currently using?

Hi. I have a few programs set up. For my newer plantings, I have a daily fixed program on one zone and fixed every 2nd day program for the drip and sprayers. For the grass zones, I use the flexible monthly program. Completely love my rachio… already converted my father-in-law and working on some neighbors and co-workers now (only have had the system for <3 weeks and it’s saved me close to $125 so far). Love it!

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That’s awesome @slevine10! With users like you, who needs a sales team :wink:

I like it, especially if the program is not run each day, so skipping a run could let things get too dry before the next scheduling.

I would say that the ‘rain reduce’ feature should simply add up recent (since last watering) and forecast rain and reduce the watering amount by the amount of rainfall. That would require a reasonable nozzle precipitation rate for Rachio to calculate how long to shorten the run time. (e.g. 1.5 in/hr nozzle precip rate, 0.15 rainfall, equals 6 min of run time reduction). The program could be skipped if the run time is reduced to 0 minutes.

If forecast rain is used, then the difference between forecast and actual rain should be used for the next time the program runs to avoid double counting.

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