Use Rachio with Davis Vantage Pro2 PWS and CWOP

I purchased the Davis WeatherlinkIP to connect my Rachio to my PWS (Davis Vantage Pro2). Rachio support says there unit will connect to the CWOP network. Set up a CWOP ID and verified it shows up on the CWOP map. However, when I attempt to connect my Rachio, my CWOP station does not show on the map of PWSs. I believe I saw somewhere that it takes a few days for it to show up in the Rachio/Aeris system.

  1. Is this correct?

  2. If it does not show up after a week or so, where do I go from here?

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@martymiz I know we just had another user @petercw2 setup a succesful CWOP integration, I might reach out to to him for any integration questions. I do believe it takes a couple of days, if you still don’t see the station we can reach out to our weather provider to research for you.

Here is a community thread regarding a CWOP integration and broadcasting precipitation data.


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Happy to thrown in my experience. As I was getting that same error.

Turns out Rachio needs 24 Hour Rain Value data. The reason I wasn’t sending it was due to the fact my VP2 and WeatherLinkIP needed firmware updates. Once I did those it began to work properly. You can find them here

hope that helps… I will also tell you once you complete that it does take a few full days for the Rachio system to account for the new data. Franz, who has been amazingly helpful through all of it, was kind enough to confirm they were getting the data before the error stopped appearing.

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Thanks @petercw2, Updated my firmware and will give it a few days to “catch up”!

if you click the “link” option under your station’s name in the Rachio portal, it’ll take you to a page with info about your station in CWOP. Scroll about halfway down and you’ll see another link to your station’s “FindU” page. Once you get to that page there is a link on the left for “Raw APRS data” - click that will take you to your actual data feed. You should see in that feed the part towards the end “rXXX and pXXX” start to fill in as demonstrated in a screen grab (below) of my feed after updating my console. This is the fastest way to confirm your station is actually now producing the proper data.

Great info! However, my station does not yet show on the Rachio portal map (although I’m good to go on CWOP/FindU). I’ll give it 5 or 7 days and follow up. Thanks for the valuable information!

OK, data showing up; seems it just took some time for Rachio to catch up. Under my station name it says “(no recorded percip data)”. I assume that is because there has not been any rain since I set it up. Hoping for rain soon to make sure all is well. Thanks so much for all your help!