Use Black Text at 100% on iOS app

1: Please darken the text on the iOS app
2: Please provide a white-on-black interface option (or light-on-dark)

Many parts of the app are difficult to read due to the color values of the text on the white background. This applies across-the-board even to the web app but is most pronounced and worst on the phone app (or iOS app as Idk about Android).

I’ve written about this before. Numerous places in the app use what looks like grey-on-white, which is exceedingly difficult to read. I’ve been told no places use grey—so I’ll correct my “color” to one more accurate: Numerous places in the app use <100% black text on white, e.g., 50%, 75%, etc., or whatever gradient it may be. I haven’t dissected the programming so it’s just ‘subjective’ but it appears to me from my experiences in graphics the common values are roughly 25/50/75/100.

Anything < 100% is “less easy” to read than 100%, and intentionally so. Unfortunately much or all of the info in the app is really important to the user so less color saturation=hard-to-use. Reversing the colors in iOS doesn’t help much as low-saturation values are still low and disappear on black nearly as bad as they do on white, not to mentions the user’s site photos reverse to negatives.