Use API to customize the start and end of watering

Is there an API to perform a Quick Run?
where I can turn on a Zone, set the Duration and Run


A way to start a schedule then come back and stop that schedule.
I would just make one long schedule and us the API to shut the Schedule off later when it’s been on enough.

/public/schedulerule/start - will start the schedule
BUT where is the API to STOP a schedule
maybe just call
/public/device/stop_water - to stop ALL watering


Yes, the two endpoints you listed there will do what you’re looking for.

Or use public/zone/start to start a zone and pass a duration.

Great - thanks for the reply.

Any chance the API can support longer than 3 hours?

I want to connect a Pump to this Zone and may need to run it longer than 3 hours


I don’t think the API will accept longer than 3 hours for a zone, but you could create a schedule for the duration you need and disable it in the app, then call /public/schedulerule/start from the API and it should work.

I was thinking of making say 9 schedules.
Each schedule with different durations, like 1 hour, 2 hours, etc…9 hours.
Then just start the schedule I want based on the the duration I want.

Would that concept work…?

How can I get the ID’s of all Schedules in the System?

Then call the following API to start the Schedule I want

and call the following API if I have to prematurely stop the scheduel:

In theory yes, I think you call /public/device/:id
to get the schedule id’s.

/public/device/stop_water will stop anything running.

Thank you for your time Brg468.
is there a public server where I can test this API
that has some zones and schedules on it.
To Try the API and get some JSON back.


I don’t own the hardware yet.
My friend has 2 that does his two gardens.
Wondering if there is shared public one to try things out

Not that I’m aware of.