Usage Report per Zone

Rachio team, is there a way to get my system usage per zone for today 4/7/2018? I’m just testing my system and I want to have a baseline.


Paging @franz @mckynzee

@fpuig, not currently – but this is something we hope to support in the future with our new Wireless Flow Meter

@emil - I understand but is there a way that you can retrieve this data and send me an email?

What usage are you trying to baseline? Gallons? Please let us know more about what you’re hoping to do and I’ll see if the engineering team can access the data.

@emil - I basically need per zone usage in gallons. Only for today.

Example: Zone 1 = 10 gallons used.
Zone 2 = 5 gallons used… etc… for the 6 zones. I ran the zones for a very short period of time today to test the system. Thanks in advance for your help.

Are you not able to do this by reading your water meter?

Yes I did it but I want to confirm that my flow meter is working accurate.

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I will DM you information.