Usage report by zone

I have a meter on my system. I would like to see a report that shows my actual water usage per zone. It would help identify leaks. Ideally alert when the usage exceeds the norm.

That feature is currently available on the Gen 3 controller. The Gen 2 still does a timer and lets you know how many minutes you have run.

You can then check the minutes and multiply by the amount of gallons per head x the amount of heads to get your approximate amount of gallons used per station.

Obviously, each station will differ based on its unque factors of type and quantity of heads as well as minutes run.

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We offer Usage & Savings breakdowns by Zone from our WebApp.

Simply navigate to the Zones page, select any individual Zone, and click the Download button:

This is currently achieved by downloading for each individual Zone desired.

As for “actual water usage” and leak detection, you can achieve this if you have an added Flow Sensor as an accessory to your controller. I personally recommend the Wireless Flow Meter, compatible with R3s as @spscoutenPhD mentioned :wink: