URGENT HELP:Generation:2 Not working after installation

Hello All,

We have a Seeding/Aeration scheduled for tomorrow and i need the sprinkler system to come back up.
I replaced my old Toro Turf Pro with Rachio generation:2 2 weeks ago and new system did not come up.

Please find pics of old and new installation. I connected black wire to Master Valve and enabled Master Valve in app as well. Not sure what am i missing.


@RachioNJ - There is nothing in any of the four Rachio C(ommon) terminals. That terminal is used to complete the circuit.

Try the white wire that is not connected in any one of the four Rachio C terminals and I’m betting it will work. I’m guessing that that white wire was connected to the yellow wire from the wireless rain sensor located just to the right of the Toro and the white wire on the Toro VC terminal, which is skinnier than this wire and in the separate wiring bundle, is the corresponding wire leading to the wireless rain sensor.


Awesome. Thanks a lot. I am not sure how i missed the white wire.
It started to work as soon as i connected white wire to a C terminal. Thanks once again.


@DLane for the win.