Upgrading from mechanical sprinkler system


I have an older timer and can’t just swap out t

he wires. Any guidance/suggestions?

@joe9487cool The timer looks like a mess, but the basics are the same. You should have one power wire going to each valve and one neutral wire.

@joe9487cool, @Pinnaclescapes is right. The wiring legend is in the bottom picture and I think the associated wiring bundle. The colors are the ones from the controller, not necessarily the field wire colors:

White goes to Rachio C
White with orange (if connected) goes to Rachio M terminal
Brown goes to Rachio 1
Red goes to Rachio 2
Orange goes to Rachio 3
Yellow goes to Rachio 4

Check for an in-line rain sensor in the common wire as that can play havoc with you.

I’d suggest making a quick run on the old controller to make sure everything works and then labeling the wires.

Welcome to the community and be sure to ask any other questions.

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