Upgrading from Hunter xcore to Rachio Gen 2

Here is the picture taken from Hunter xcore

I got it transferred to Rachio all but one wire labeled “P” black wire. I think that’s the master valve from my xcore and should go to Rachio Gen 2 “M”. But when I did I can’t get any of my sprinklers to come on. I’ve been at least for an hour but still can’t figured it out. But if I reinstalled xcore my sprinklers come out without any problems. Any suggestions? Thanks

@Thaiger - Welcome to the Rachio community. In addition to connecting the black wire from the Hunter ‘P’ terminal to the Rachio ‘M’ terminal in the application one needs to enable the master valve option.

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@DLane thank you for your fast response, please excuse this newbie but how do I do that? Thanks

@Thaiger - no worries, that is what the community is for. The support.rachio.com has a knowledge base with lots of good articles. This article -> https://support.rachio.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010379047-Do-I-have-advanced-wiring-Generation-2-
says Install in the “M” terminal slot, and enable the Master Valve within the Rachio App (Device Settings > Advanced > Master Valve). That is for the smartphone app. On the web app it is under just plain Device Setting as shown here ->

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@DLane, thank you again I’ll do this tomorrow and report back.

@Thaiger Did you get it working?