Upgrading from Generation 1 to Generation 3

Are there instructions somewhere for doing this upgrade???

I installed the Gen 3, but the app won’t let me add it; it shows no option to add another controller. And I can’t connect to wifi either.

I don’t want to lose my settings by deleting the Gen 1 controller, but is that the path of least resistance???

Does your Gen1 have the same number of zones as your new Gen3? That is a requirement for easy transfer…

Otherwise, once you start the Gen3 setup, one of the first questions is whether youd like to transfer from existing controller.

Problem is, I’m not able to start the Gen3 setup, because the app gives me no option to add a second controller.

Are you on Android, iOS, or web? When I start my Android or web, it comes up to my “Home” with my one controller. On Android in the bottom-right, it has a round “+” icon which allows me to add devices or home. On the web the “+ Add Device” is in the top-right area.

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Thank you so much!! I should be all set now. Really appreciate your help.

We are all glad to help.