Upgraded from Gen 2 to Gen 3. Zone 1 being watered regardless of which zone I manually select

Good morning! So I upgraded from a 16-zone Gen 2 yesterday to an 8-zone Gen 3. I made sure I connected the wires as they were on the Gen 2. When testing each zone, I quickly discovered that zone 1 would start up, but not the zone I selected. I made sure “All Zones” was not selected. Has anyone encountered this before?

Uh oh - that’s not great! Would you be up for sharing a photo of your wiring?

Absolutely! Let me go give that a whirl real quick.

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@steelpanz - is your master valve enabled in the app? You can check in More > Controller Settings > Advanced (M Terminal). If so, are you confident that the Master Valve and the Zone 1 wires aren’t switched?

I’ll certainly check. Doesn’t master valve mean that I have a valve that I can toggle on/off that feeds to the controller itself?

@steelpanz - thanks! A Master Valve is a main valve that allows you to turn on or off the water to all zones rather than specific zones. The MV opens whenever a zone is operating.

Ok, so I was counting the wires and realizing that I only had 5 zones with wires despite having 6 zones. Realized that the Gen 2 doesn’t have the master wire in that location on its unit (which is what I was trying to replicate). So I just put all the wires in one by one in the exact order I saw. Lo and behold, shifting all wires to the right except for the C wire fixed it.

Customers, I tell ya. :smile:


WAHOO! So glad it was an easy fix :grinning:

But of course, in testing, I realize how I wish I could go back and improve the layout of my heads. Almost feel like it’d be worth it to dig up the yard and just start over :laughing:

Appreciate it!

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You wouldn’t be the first to do that! It’s a project but can be so worth it :slight_smile: