Upgrade from 2 to 3 transfer settings

I just upgraded from the rachio 2 to the rachio 3. When I run the setup the app is not giving me the option to transfer the settings to the rachio 3. Am I missing a step? Thanks.

If you had a 16 zone controller and are migrating to an 8 zone controller we don’t currently support that transfer feature.


Ah, Ok, that makes sense. Thanks!

One other quick question. What’s the best way to prepare the Rachio 2 for resale? Is there a particular procedure to wipe it clean?

The best way to “reset” is to have it “online” on your account.

Next, navigate to Controller Settings --> Remove Controller in the app and then remove it. If it is online and removed the controller will also perform a factory reset getting it ready for the next customer by removing all WiFi credentials.


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I just replaced the Gen 2 with a Gen 3 controller and am unable to transfer the zone settings.

Did you see the option when you added the new controller? How many zones on the Gen2, and how many zones on the Gen3?



I did not see that option… I did look for it, as per the info I was sent. The Gen 2 had 16 with 9 active. The Gen 3 has 16.


Ok, Ill have the team transfer for you. One sec…


Thank you!


You should be good to go, I’d logout/login to the app for safe measure.


GTG! Thank you!

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How about this @franz I just upgraded to Gen 3 and it was a quick install! I appreciate the new magnet. Can you move all the history to the new gen 3. Also I saw something that you need to snap the barcode to make a perfect transfer. Can you check mine and see if everything moved over thanks

I’ve been holding off on a gen 3 waiting on this issue - I have a gen 2 16 zone, using only 7 zones. I’d like to go to a gen 3 for homekit support, but I do want to move my zone setup and history over. Does that work yet?

Hey @cdavis! You can absolutely transfer your zone settings when setting up the Rachio 3 (Select “Transfer Settings” when prompted and then select the controller settings you wish to copy. Currently, history cannot be transferred over, however you can download your usage history from the Web App.


Thanks Laura - I was asking specifically about transferring from a 16 zone gen 2 too an 8 zone gen 3…I saw an earlier post in this thread from Franz saying that capability wasn’t in place yet.

Ah! Whoops, sorry for misreading that. Unfortunately that capability has not been added. Sorry for the inconvenience and miscommunication!

Upgraded from Gen. 2, 16 Stations to Gen. 3, 8 stations.
Is there any way to transfer settings without having to start all over with schedules and pictures?

There is currently no way to transfer settings to a smaller number of zones.


Good afternoon Laura. I will going through this shortly myself. Is there a link you can provide to something that will assist me in the process. My Rachio 2 is currently installed, but I will be receiving my Rachio 3 Monday. Thank you very much for the assistance.