Updating my grass sprinklers with collection cup data. Would like some advice

I have been having issues for years with my Bermuda grass, probably because I had messed around with my Rachio Zone sprinkler settings in ways that I shouldn’t have quite a few years back.

I’m going to be overseeding with Rye soon, so I wanted to get my Rachio grass zone settings cleaned up, hopefully once and for all.

I purchased some Orbit Collection Cups, and I am measuring the water rate readings from my three zones.

My thought was to first reset all my zones back to the Rachio defaults for each grass type.

After I get the sprinkler rate readings, I would use the Orbit WaterSchedule.com website to figure out my Nozzle Inches per Hour rate for each zone, and then enter those zone rates for each zone/grass type. Lastly, I would use the Rachio Flex Daily schedule.

Does this sound like an acceptable strategy?

No need to set anything back to default yet. Do the catch cup test and see what happens. Post the results here and include screen shots of your current settings (standard and advanced) and let the community take a look.