Upcoming Faucet question

I want to use the new smart faucet device to control some deer sprinklers. They stay on unless a person is detected nearby. So, my question is, what limits are there in terms of how long the device can be scheduled to be “on”? I’d like to have a run be ‘indefinite’ so that it stays on until turned off. Is that possible? If not, what’s the maximum run time that can be scheduled?

Why not use something like these? https://www.amazon.com/Orbit-62100-Activated-Sprinkler-Detection/dp/B009F1R0GC/ I have several daisy-chained and set to activate at night.

That’s exactly what I’m using actually. But deer come around our garden more than just at night. I currently have smart Orbit hose timers integrated into my smart home. When the back door opens or when the camera detects a person (not motion), I shut off the hose timers to prevent a person from being sprayed. It works well, except the orbit timers eat batteries excessively and have a four hour time limit on staying open so my smart home has to reopen them every four hours. Wondering if the Rachio timers would work better.