Unsubscribe link in emails does nothing

It is literally just text. I’m getting emails about new weather underground stations near me, tips, Thrive ads… please fix your email footer. I’m sick of them.

Links are just text, typically starting with https:// . Though most email clients will render them as links, you can also try copying and pasting into your browser’s address bar.

What devices have you tried (phones, laptops, etc.)?

What email client(s) are you using?

If your email provider offers web access, have you tried viewing the message that way?

There is no link. Viewed in HTML mode ‘Unsubscribe’ is literally just text.

Unsubscribe <*|UNSUB|*>

Seems the issue is at mailchimp.com, *|UNSUB|* is their flag to be replaced with the link to do just that. Rachio uses mandrillapp.com to interact with mailchimp via API, and somewhere unbsubscribe links do not get processed correctly.