Unshare My Rachio

I had a Rachio Pro install my Rachio last year for me and they have access to my Rachio. I want to remove their access to my account and get full control for myself. I tried contacting them but they are not responding. How can I remove them from my Rachio?

Within the app, you can click on More menu on the bottom right and find shared access there.
On the website app.rach.io you should see shared access on the left while your controller is selected.
No matter what, you should see their account listed there with an option to revoke access.

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Hi, the only option I see in ios app or website regarding access is this

My left side menu is:

That left-side menu looks like it is from the website. As you see from mine, I have “SHARED ACCESS” below “WEATHER INTELLIGENCE PLUS”. I am not sure why you are not seeing that.

I see possibly the “Remove Shared Controller” is coming from the bottom of “CONTROLLER SETTINGS”. However, mine says “Remove Controller”.

So, I am wondering if the Rachio Pro set themselves up as the “owner” and gave you shared access instead of the other way around. I could be wrong, but it sure seems that way. If so, I would guess Rachio support might be the best option.


@Thomas_Lerman is right, they’ve added the controller under their account and shared it with you.
You can ask them to transfer ownership to you, easiest way to do so would be to follow the help article:

Transfer ownership of a Rachio controller to your account

Should the pros refuse to transfer ownership, the support team should be able to do so regardless if you contract them directly.


My installer did the same thing. I just called Rachio customer service and they sent me an eMail that I attached a photo of the unit bar code to. They then removed the contractor installer from the account and put it fully in my name.