Unscheduled Zones are not working via Quick Run

I have two Rachio Model 3 units and both have a zone that I have not scheduled for use. I just went outside with my phone and tried to do a Quick Run of both of those zones and they did not work, though I have gotten them to work previously by using the Quick Run feature.

Is there some obvious reason that I may be overlooking that could be causing this?


Start a Quick Run from the app and look at the lights on the controller. Is the expected zone blinking?

If not: Try from app.rach.io and also check whether the zone names and numbers match up. Turn on ‘show disabled’ to see all zones on the controller in order.

If yes: Confirm that you can run the zone manually by loosening the bleed screw or solenoid at the valve. If so, you likely have a wiring problem or bad solenoid; use a multimeter to check voltage at the controller and at the valve.

  1. When you ask if the zone is blinking, the controller is blinking blue, however, how do you know if the blinking light corresponds with a specific zone?

  2. I took the cover off and discovered that it worked. I put it back on and it stopped working. Apparently I did a poor job with the wiring and the cover touches the cables and for some reason prevents it from working just on that zone? I confirmed by taking the panel on and off during the Quick Run and it stops it. Not sure what I did wrong, will need to investigate more in better light tomorrow.


There are 16 lights, corresponding to zones 1 through 16 from left to right.

The website and mobile apps don’t normally display zone numbers, but if you ‘show disabled’, the zone list will show zones 1 through 16 from left to right and top to bottom.

Make sure they are activated.

I was able to confirm that it is correctly blinking at the right zone, though I am not sure about your other suggestions so I am going to look into this. Thanks

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What do you mean by make sure they are activated? How do you make sure this is the case?

Once in a while it is the simple things that cause problems. I should have said “enabled”. Look in the Zones section to see disabled/enabled zones. My valves are above ground. I always make sure the wires are well connected at the valve.