Unscheduled, But Full Time? How to run a scheduled schedule manually?

I was familiar with how to run an unscheduled irrigation cycle last summer, but with the new look of the app I am unfamiliar with how to run either my morning or evening cycle whenever I want to. I was able to do a quick run and set the global on-time for each zone. I am just not familiar with how to run one of my programs (morning or evening) anytime I want to.

Also, in the past, the morning and evening cycles were split up. Taking just the morning for an example. Say, for ease sake, that I have 6 zones and each zone was on for 6 min. It would run through each zone twice (3min/zone). What setting do I need to have set for it to “intelligently” decide to do that?


To run a scheduled schedule, navigate to the schedule and tap ‘Quick Run’

I believe this is the cycle/soak or ‘Smart Cycle’ feature. More information is provided here:

Hope this helps.


It seems that the “Quick Run” button only appears when I login to Rachio on a PC web browser. When I use the Android app on my phone, I don NOT get the “Quick Run” button. :confused:

It doesn’t when you visit app.rach.io from your phone?

In the Android app, tap the Play (triangle) button on the home screen (lower right hand corner). Tap Schedules. Tap the schedule to be run.

I don’t go to the rach.io from my phone, I use the (Android) app.
But, yes! The play triangle does allow one to launch a schedule manually.
As an interface suggestion, I think you should also allow the user to launch a schedule from the schedule itself (i.e., tapping the “More” menu item, selecting “Schedules”, and then picking a particular schedule). Given that this is how you manually launch a schedule from a PC browser, it should also work in the Android app.

In any case, thanks for the quick and helpful response!

@steve.palmerin look like another device with missing quick run.


We removed the ability to start a quick run from the the schedule in the V4 redesign as we found most people started their schedule quick runs from the quick run button on the dashboard. This does seem to be a highly requested feature so I think we should look into adding it back.


Ha, I’m behind the times :smiley:


Thank you. Please add this ability back on the ios app. Thanks!!