Unscheduled, But Full Time? How to run a scheduled schedule manually?


I was familiar with how to run an unscheduled irrigation cycle last summer, but with the new look of the app I am unfamiliar with how to run either my morning or evening cycle whenever I want to. I was able to do a quick run and set the global on-time for each zone. I am just not familiar with how to run one of my programs (morning or evening) anytime I want to.

Also, in the past, the morning and evening cycles were split up. Taking just the morning for an example. Say, for ease sake, that I have 6 zones and each zone was on for 6 min. It would run through each zone twice (3min/zone). What setting do I need to have set for it to “intelligently” decide to do that?



To run a scheduled schedule, navigate to the schedule and tap ‘Quick Run’

I believe this is the cycle/soak or ‘Smart Cycle’ feature. More information is provided here:

Hope this helps.