Unique zones

I have valves for 2 unique zones and it would be nice to run some automatic scheduling, but force a zone to run everytime as well. Also, having the option to set it up as something like “Custom” or “non sprinkler” would be nice.

I have a valve for a hose bib zone for several hose bibs throughout our large yard. Sometimes i just need to wash my hands, sometimes it is a soaker hose to do some extra watering in a specific area, and sometimes it helps put out a camp fire (the volume coming out of a 1 inch straight from the water meter versus a 1/2 inch on the house is crazy awesome!)

The second unique zone i have is a valve that opens and allows the filter on my irrigation pump to backwash and clean itself. When my schedule starts, this is the first thing that runs for 1 minute. It gets all the dirty water out of the line and suction line and then cleans the filter. I need this to turn on for 1 minute EVERY time the pump turns on to water a schedule no mater what the rachio thinks needs watering.