Unidentified calls from tech. support

I thought that that tech. support didn’t return my phone call. Then, I looked at the blocked phone numbers in my iPhone and found the message that they returned my call. The Rachio phone number is unidentified. We get so many SPAM calls that I don’t answer unidentified numbers. Admittedly, I’m old. I think it is common courtesy to identified the caller.

Tech Support did their job. It is the phone system that is failing both of us. Bad reviews for tech support and disappointment and frustration for installers.

Hey @tcremer! I’m so sorry that those calls were missed! I’m not sure how much control we have on how we show up on your phone but I will definitely check with the team on this! Were you able to get in touch after the fact? If not, let me know the phone number so I can search the ticket and get you a call back or have the team reach out via email to schedule a time to call.

Yes, I received the information. Thank you Laura.

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Great to hear @tcremer! Just chatted with Dane, our CS Manager, and he’s exploring the possibility of being able to control caller ID through our service! :slight_smile:

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