Unexplained reduction in watering time in some zones

2 of my zones decreased total watering time drastically in April. During the early Spring the zones watered 1.5-3 hrs monthly. Since April, they have watered 6-9 minutes monthly (in 3 min increments). I don’t think I made any changes. My other zones are watering 4-6hours/month this summer. I don’t see anything unusual in the advanced settings that would explain the 100 fold difference in watering time. Any ideas what is going on?

My first question is how those zones with only 6-9 minutes of water per month are handling it, with 1/100th the water as before?

Not well. One zone is an established hedge and it did okay, but the other zone, a vegetable garden always seemed dry even with a fair amount of supplemental water.

Are the zones getting 4-6 hours per month and the zones getting 6-9 minutes per day on the same schedule? What type of schedule(s) are you using? Could you post the zone information screen as well as the Advanced screen for each type of zone?

It’s actually 6-9min per month (not day). I messed with one of the zones a lot so no longer able to say what it was before, but have attached screen shots of the other. All my zones are on automatic watering.

here are the images for the zone that seems to be working correctly

one more-

I know. I mis-typed.

The zone that is working correctly checks out okay, as you might expect. It puts down about 0.9" of water every couple weeks, and for shrubs, that’s probably enough. All the settings on the other zone shown appear okay, but definitely not the times.

The usual way this happens is when someone manually changes the time, then goes back and changes other values; Flex Daily will not recalculate or correct the times once they are manually set

I’d suggest deleting the schedule for the zone(s) having the problem, and create a new one. All your zone factors will remain the same, so it’s easy to do. Let us know what the new time is after you do that.


Thanks! I’ll try that.