Unexpected schedule frequency adjustment behavior

I have a gen 3 Rachio (I think, can’t seem to find that info in the app) and I originally set my schedules up to run too frequently for the weather we’ve had lately. It’s been cold and overcast for most of the spring/early summer. I started noticing that the soil/ground in certain areas is completely saturated so I tried to reduce the frequency of some of my schedules.

The first time I did this, I assumed the system would add the time BEFORE the next scheduled run, but no, it turns out the system just seems to start over with a new schedule on the day you make the change. This schedule (all drip irrigation with 2GPH emitters) ran last night. I made the change this morning and now the calendar is showing it’s going to rung AGAIN tonight for LONGER periods on each zone!

I’m sure this doesn’t seem like a big deal to most, since this extra watering will only happen once after the chance, but it makes attempting to dial-in/fine-tune schedules really difficult. What if I want to make another change tomorrow or next week, or later in the summer. I have to remember to manually skip runs afterward. I really wish it was easier to calibrate/dial-in schedules and still take advantage of the “smart” watering adjustments that the system is capable of making based on local weather. So far, I’ve been rather unimpressed.

You need to give us more information. What type of schedules are we looking at here?