Understanding why a flexible monthly scheduled skipped

Hi there,

It was 40 degrees Celsius here yesterday here in Sydney. I have a flex monthly schedule in one zone which watered last three days ago. It was meant to water this morning but skipped.

Is there a way to understand what triggered the skip? We do have some rain forecasted but I doubt it’ll actually rain. Unfortunately precipitation rates aren’t being picked up by the rachio so I’m not sure if that is stuffing around with the smartness. Given the heat… I just assumed it would water.

Any thoughts?

There have been some comments that precipitation isn’t properly recorded for Australian stations. That would affect actual rainfall. Sometimes the forecast will cause a delay. Hopefully, it will water tomorrow.

As it’s not a daily flex schedule… it’s going to wait till Sunday

Hey @Dukebox-
You should have at least some indication of why your schedule was skipped in your “Schedule Updates” section of your Activity Feed. Do you mind going in there and seeing what schedule update you received?
McKynzee :rachio:


“based on weather and soil condition, the next scheduled watering time will be skipped”

So that means it was your climate skip stepping in. I am still checking out what’s going on with your weather, so there’s a chance that affected your climate skip… Do you think it has been cool enough/there has been enough rain to not water? It doesn’t sound like it’s very cool there right now :joy:

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Definitely not cool enough!!! :joy:

we’re stuck in the 30’s hitting the 40’s some days and although it sometimes says we’ll get rain… it’s a five minute sprinkle. Soil is definitely dry in the area.

I’ve avoided manually triggering the zone as i’m keen to see what it does!

@Dukebox alright, I’m on it! Keep me updated, you said it was supposed to run this Sunday? Hopefully we can get down to the bottom of things before then.

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