Understanding Watering Times

I’m trying to understand why the front yard in mostly shade is getting so much water. I’ve never watered any zone for 17 minutes. Seems way too much to me.

Did I screw up some other setting when I set up my program? I’m a newby.

Thanks in advance for any input.

Hi @crewcrews, thanks for reaching out. We appreciate you taking an interest in your watering use and would be happy to help review it. Sometimes just a setting adjustment that can make all the difference in your watering times. Would you mind reaching out to me on support (support@rachio.com) with your username? I’ll take a deep drive into your zone settings and see what’s going on to better explain the watering time changes you’re experiencing.

Thanks, Emil

I also was surprised to see that my three zones has 18-25 min timing. I’ve never had to water a zone for longer than 5 min before.

Hi @trojanshawn, would you mind reaching out to me on support (@ support@rachio.com) with your username too? I’ll review your account.

I was thinking the same thing also. Can I reach out to you on support to review my account?

@marknoah, certainly! Just email (@ support@rachio.com) us with a brief description of your concern and we’ll take a look :slight_smile: