Understanding Rain Skip Saturation Skip - Fixed Schedule

I am new to rachio. I have my system using a fixed schedule (wed, sat) in North Florida due to JEA restrictions. I am using weather intelligence plus (weather network) and have rain skip, saturation skip, etc all turned on. I also have a rainbird water sensor setup.

W - Fixed
S - Fixed

Based on what I am reading the rainbird sensor takes precedence over the weather intelligence? Does rain skip or saturation skip take precedence first? If the rain skip looks one day forward and one day back it seems based on my fixed schedule that there is no way a skip will cause my grass to die due to a weather event skipping a schedule and then the soil moisture drying out way to much?

I have reviewed alot of posts on community and watched the information video / resources on the skip. Wanted to ensure this is correct.

Thank you!