Understanding how it works

After getting the Rachio 3 installed and having the system up and running, back with another question. The zones were set up, the app made a schedule, watering every 4 days. One of the features is the automatic skip when rainfall more than the set amount. It has been raining for several days and this morning the system decided to water as per schedule anyway. Now I’m wondering how it actually works. Is the logic looking at rain fall only in a fixed period before scheduled watering?
Other thought, is the system capable to postpone next watering/whole schedule when skipped watering based on rainy day (manual skip or system)?

Thanks for your insights on this.


Is the PWS that you have Rachio pointed to showing precipitation?

@Sander If you PM the email address used for your Rachio account I can have the engineering team do a quick review.


I had Weather net connected, so not sure how that one can be consulted for details. Switched to PWS and that one confirmed that there was rain.