Understanding flex daily schedule

Hi I’ve been using the gen2 for a while but haven’t tweaked it much so far. I recently added some zones and recreated a flex Daily schedule. The issue I have is I asked to water before sunrise yet the first few events are scheduled to happen early evening and then they’ll water and cycle through one zone a day and only cover 2 zones or so a week (out of 9). Then after 3 weeks it seems the schedule will be normalized. I’m trying to understand how the algorithm works and whether this is a bug or a feature. I live in northern CA where it’s still pretty hot and dry with no rain forecast so waiting for some zones 3 weeks before they get watered doesn’t make much sense.



Sometimes flex daily gets a little harder to maintain when you are incorporating zones that aren’t your standard turf type (cool season, warm season grass). This is due to the wide variation of root zone depth (RZD) when choosing shrubs, trees, perennials, etc. (anything but turf).

We’ve selected default root zone depth values for those various crop types but each yard is very unique. In your case for your shrub zone the default root zone depth is 15 in. If you were to decrease that to for example 10 in. your frequency would increase and watering duration would increase a bit. Crop coefficient (50%) for shrubs also plays a factor. You could try increasing that by 10%-20% and it will also increase frequency but not increase any watering duration. After changing one or more of these values you can go directly to the moisture graph of your zone to see the immediate forecasted watering frequency for the next two weeks. Here is the data from your shrub zone.

Hope this helps. Just let us know if you have any followup questions. These articles might also help understand flex daily.


Thanks Franz!

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