Unboxing and setup mistake. Help?

I unhooked my hunter pro c controller before taking the photo as I’ve was trying to do this my must and did not read it lol. The wires on my unit was so crammed into the box that I couldn’t even tell that they were marked. I looked and then I just assumed that they weren’t and it was gonna be something sort of straightforward like the blue wire goes here etc. All of the sprinkler zone wires are red and much thicker than the other wires. I don’t really care where they go because the zone map that was attached to my unit didn’t match up with the zones anyway and I had to rewrite it after we moved into this house. So I don’t mind doing it again but I really need some help knowing what wires go where is since I made the mistake of not taking a picture. Is anybody familiar enough to help me with that?

The main thing you need to find are the common wire(s) so you can hook them to the ‘C’ terminal(s). If you have a multimeter, I would suggest finding the common wire(s) my measuring the resistance (ohms) through pairs of wires.

Do you know if you have a master valve or pump? What about any sensor(s)? If you do not have these, it will make it more straight forward.

How many zones do you have and how many wires? This can help to figure things out.

Once you have things figured out, you can always rearrange the zone wires on the controller to put the zones at the zone numbers you want.