Unable to force zone to water daily

I’m having some trouble, and can’t figure out what to do.

I have a small vegetable garden on a zone, and I need it to water every day, without fail. So, I setup a fixed interval schedule to water every day. However, it’s not getting watered every day.

I’ve turned off climate skip, and everything else, but it just doesn’t schedule correctly. It doesn’t even notify me of the skip, it’s like it doesn’t think it’s a daily schedule. I even tried creating a second daily watering cycle (fixed interval) to water in the afternoon, and it still won’t evaluate the schedule. Right now, it says last time it watered was yesterday (6/6), and the next time it will water is tomorrow (6/8), despite having 2 daily schedules on that zone.


@jrhamilt - as the community members don’t have access to the specific Rachio setting in your device I’d

a) Post pictures of your zone and schedule to see if that provides a clue to someone in the community.

b) email support@rachio.com.

Hey @jrhamilt-

Looking at your account, it looks like the app has been thinking it has been watering daily. Has anything changed with your wiring? Is there any chance that your wiring got disrupted? Looking at the current on your zones, it seems fine, but I want to make sure. Can you run your veggie zone fine via the buttons on your controller?

McKynzee :rachio:


Thanks for taking a look. I have been forcing it to water daily by manually starting the watering via the app over the past several days, and I can confirm that the water turns on and works as expected.

You have to look back in the history back to June 2, June 1, to see where I wasn’t trying to force it. (That’s where I realized it wasn’t watering as needed).

It may be related, but I’ve also noted that it’s extraordinarily difficult to make changes to the “Smart Features”, and have several times seen those settings “bounce back” to previous settings…

No changes have been made to wiring, valves, etc.

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Hey @jrhamilt-

Are you encountering this with your Veg Garden AM and Vegetable Garden schedules?

The “Vegetable Garden” schedule was created today to try and mitigate the problem (maybe new works?)

The “Veg Garden AM” schedule is the original schedule which I’ve been struggling with.

Take a look this morning. I have not, and will not change settings or force watering until you take a look. The Veg Garden AM program did not water this morning, and there were no skip warnings. Nothing seemed to have happened, and the app didn’t record any activity either way.


Hi John!

Mitch here with Rachio Support. I reviewed your account and current schedules and noted that you’re utilizing Weather Intelligence for a few of your schedules that are occurring prior to your Veg Garden AM schedule.

If you check your Schedule Updates section, you’ll find that your fixed schedules with Weather Intelligence enabled are being skipped due to weather and soil conditions. Weather Intelligence skips take affect globally, so if you have a schedule set to check for Weather Intelligence and it determines it needs to skip, it will skip for all your schedules, even those that don’t utilize Weather Intelligence.

I can understand how it might be misleading that the Schedule Updates are not clearly indicating the Weather Intelligence skips are happening globally and affecting all schedules, even those that do not have the option enabled. This is something we can look into improving for the future.

In the meantime, in order to resolve the issue you’re experiencing I recommend that you set your ‘Veg Garden AM’ schedule to occur at 6:00 am. This is because the Weather Intelligence is checking for a skip 1hr before the first schedule it’s enabled for, which is ‘Perennial Gardens, North and West’ at 7:00 am.

I hope this provides some clarity into your experience. If you need any further assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out!



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Outstanding! Thanks Mitch!

I do think that would be something worth looking at from an improvement perspective. Do I need to do anything else to recommend that improvement, or does this dialog capture that intent?


It’s my pleasure John. No further action required on your end, I’ve logged your feedback and will forward it to the proper teams. Please let me know if you experience an improvement after attempting my suggestion!